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Why Koco Play?

Naturally clean your pets teeth

Koco Play was formed during the height of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka after the closure of a coconut husk rope factory, which left its employees without work and wages.

Unable to reopen the factory and with employees isolated at home we had to find a creative way to resume production and get our employees back to work to support their families. With an abundance of high-quality coir rope to work with we decided to design a range of small products that our employees could easily produce at home. During the pandemic we were able to send raw material to our workers’ houses and teach them how to produce a range of products that we sell locally and internationally. By doing so we decentralized traditional manufacturing methods and took the work to the communities where it was needed most. Gradually our designs and concepts grew in to what Koco Play is today. Production at Koco Play is now supported by individual households that are directly enjoying the benefits of their hard work. This community-driven production enables us to use the right people with the right set of skills and deliver a product at the right price to our customers.




Our Product Range

Finest quality made for your pets

Let it roll! For pet’s who love all things round and love to fetch. This ball is designed to get maximum teeth penetration in to the rope strands that clean teeth with every bite.

Designed to represent a bone and a stick, this toy will have your pet’s dig deep in to action as you throw and pull. Plaits on the Twizt creates a feel of elasticity which encourages deep bites that gets teeth clean.

For pet’s that love to tug! If pet mama and pet papa want to join in on the action the Koco Tugz is the best solution. Encourage your pet’s to jump and catch as you control this toy and give your pet ….

Tired of the same old tooth-cleaning routine? Say goodbye to boring brushing sessions, because we’ve got the solution your furry friends have been wagging for – Dr. Koco! By …

“Watch your cat’s eyes light up with excitement as they pounce on Koco ball mini. These toys aren’t just fun; they’re their secret training grounds, honing their …

Our purring friends are not left out of what we make. Koco Octi starts off as a Koco Ball and then gets eight strands and a long pull rope so that your kitty cats …

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Sustainability of Koco Play

The more you buy the more communities we help!

Koco Play has sustainability at the core of its business and aims at addressing the three fundamental pillars that it’s based on.

The development of new products within an aged old industry adds value to existing products and thereby sustains existing producers as suppliers whilst providing a fair price for their goods. It also creates a new sector in the handicraft industry and directly contributes to the financial development of the individuals engaged in the production. The technology behind the manufacturing of the products don’t favor any gender in particular and therefore creates an equal opportunity for anyone involved.

The economic development in terms of exports is anticipated to increase by 10% in the coir fiber category within the first year of exports whilst opening up a whole new product line which can be measured under its own merits.

Stimulates active play in pets due to the natural feel of the material

By the use of natural, bio-degradable and nontoxic raw materials we aim to create a customer who will contribute to the protection of our environment and the safety of their pets.
With the potential of persuading customers to switch from plastic/rubber pet toys we anticipate a global effect in significantly increasing environmentally friendly alternatives to the market.

The threat of COVID-19 to traditional industry processes has created an opportunity for us to go to communities directly who specialize and are already involved in the handicraft sector in the coir industry. With the minimum amount of training it is possible to convert their skills to manufacturing our products.





Kocoplay produces environmentally responsible handmade pet products that benefit rural communities in Sri Lanka. Their affordable chew toys and enrichment toys are made from natural coconut fiber, support pet health and dental care, and provide an alternative to plastic, rubber, and other synthetic raw materials. Kocoplay has a central warehouse and packing center in rural Chilaw. They supply locally sourced coir to households in multiple nearby villages, collect finished products, and settle payments on a weekly basis. Villagers are able to work from home at their own pace. The warehouse coordinates quality control, labeling, packing, export, and local distribution. Kocoplay has connected these communities with local and international foundations and has coordinated support for families in need. They donate a percentage of sales from local popup events to animal rescue charities.